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A note on the Red Flags Rule

Mar 22, 20112 mins
Data and Information Security

The LinkedIn Identity Theft group has some useful information on Red Flag program certification and accreditation.

I thought it worth passing along.

This is from L.A.-based information security, audit and compliance specialist Henry Bagdasarian:

Now that the Red Flags Rule is in full enforcement, covered companies must have an effective identity theft prevention program in place which detects and mitigates identity theft at the forefront of their operations.

Identity Management Institute (IMI) has developed a Red Flag program certification and accreditation process to guide, review and validate the development and implementation of an identity theft prevention program in accordance with the Red Flags Rule (“Rule”) requirements. The Red Flag certification is a voluntary process which allows company management to obtain guidance and validate their efforts for effectively complying with the Rule and reducing fraud costs associated with identity theft.

You may download the Red Flag program certification document below to learn more about the certification benefits and process:

Also, interested audit and compliance professionals who are involved with the Red Flag identity theft prevention program should consider the Certified Red Flag Specialist™ (CRFS) designation which currently offers a grandfathering period to allow qualified professionals become certified without taking the examination for a limited time. Visit CRFS page for details at:

–Bill Brenner