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ShmooCon’s done, RSA and B-Sides San Francisco are next

Jan 31, 20111 min
Data and Information Security

The ShmooCon security conference was excellent, as always. Lots of quality content. Check out the full coverage elsewhere on this site.

Now it’s time to plan for RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco. I’ll be there two weeks from right now, providing my travel plans aren’t snarled by another winter storm. Given how this winter has been going, a snowstorm on travel day would be typical.

The talks at these events are always valuable, and it’s the talks that I usually write about. But the most important thing to do is network.

Call it what you want: socializing, partying. In this business you need all the friends you can get. More friends in the same line of work as you means more of a support network when you’re sitting in your office wondering what the heck to do about the massive data breach you’ve just discovered.

B-Sides San Francisco is that week, too. I see many good talks on that agenda, so if you’re walking around the Moscone Center and you get bored, you’ll want to check that out. More on that event later.

Until then, be well.

–Bill Brenner