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ShmooBus trip winds down, a top concern becomes clear

Jan 27, 20111 min
Data and Information Security

As the ShmooBus clears Baltimore and bears down on D.C., it’s clear from talking to folks that mobile security will be a major point of interest at ShmooCon.

What’s that, you say? No big revelation in that statement? Duh?


But it does go to show how things have changed in recent years.

I remember writing a lot of stories about how smartphone threats were theoretical and a couple years away. Now everybody and their grandparents own a smartphone: BlackBerry, Android and iPhone among the most popular choices.

The bad guys know this, and they’re making plans. So are the good guys.

At least three people on this RV are eager to learn more about mobile threats and how best to secure the devices.

No, not a revelation.

But as someone who owns an Android and used to own a BlackBerry, I’m glad that conference goers have this high on their list.

Of course, there’s many more security topics on the agenda, and this weekend will be a good learning experience for everyone.

We’re all tired but in good spirits. We’ll see you shortly, ShmooCon.

–Bill Brenner