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ShmooBus interview number 3: Casey Dunham

Jan 27, 20111 min
Data and Information Security

Casey Dunham is a Portland, ME.-based application developer, headed to ShmooCon to learn more about the art of mobile app security…

Me: What are the big challenges you deal with as an application developer?

Casey: My concern is about getting everyone on the same page. I can’t test every new application for vulnerabilities on my own. There’s simply no time to write AND test it all. The quality assurance guys can’t test it all on their own, either. My latest company takes security pretty seriously, but I’m always working on ways to improve the quality of security while keeping the development process moving along.

Me: What are you hoping to find at ShmooCon that’ll help you better serve your company?

Casey: I’ll attend the app security talks, but these conferences are an opportunity to expand my horizons, so I’ll also go to talks that deal with areas I don’t typically work on, like mobile security. Mobile app development is something I don’t do at all right now. It’s completely out of my comfort zone, so I want to learn more about it.

–Bill Brenner