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Security Road Trip: Boarding the ShmooBus

Jan 25, 20111 min
Data and Information Security

In a couple days, I’ll be getting on board an RV with an assortment of security practitioners for a trip from Boston to Washington D.C. This is my third year doing this, and it’s becoming a favorite winter ritual.

Here’s a slideshow of our 2009 adventure.

We’re headed to the ShmooCon security conference. As a journalist, I’ve come to see this event as a rich source of information in terms of how the threat landscape is evolving.

Last year, while the conference was going on, Washington was hit with the worst blizzard in years. It didn’t disrupt the presentations, though an escalator in the hotel was closed when the weight of the snow cracked a glass ceiling above.

This year, we have to worry about the weather at the beginning of the trip. Boston is expected to get a foot of snow between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. We’re supposed to leave early Thursday morning. I suspect Mother Nature will slow us down.

But she won’t stop us.

Once we do get underway, I’ll be sending you regular updates here.

Come Friday evening, full coverage of the conference will be underway.

Stay tuned.

–Bill Brenner