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Security pros to follow on Twitter, 12-24

Dec 24, 20102 mins
Data and Information Security

Welcome to week two of my #FollowFriday round-up. You’ll find many of the same people as last week, but I’ve added several new names.

Apologies in advance to anyone I’m forgetting. There are so many people worth mentioning, and I inevitably forget a few names.

Let’s start with the women of information security. They’ve contributed mightily in what can arguably be described as a male-dominated industry. They are:

@SecBarbie @jjx @dewzi @lauren @selenakyle @leighhollowell @petermannmc @securityintern @diami03 @mediaphyter @Lisa827 @mschafer @0ph3lia and @lmacvittie @hypatiadotca @451wendy

Now for some of the more brilliant security folks who have shared their knowledge with me a ton this year, making me just a little smarter. I’m breaking these up so you can copy and paste them into your own #FollowFriday lists, 140 characters at a time:

@ashimmy @beaker @falconsview @georgevhulme @jack_daniel @jtkeating @mgbits @SecRunner @WH1T3RABBIT @bug_bear @spacerog @myrcurial @benrothke @danielkennedy74

@Shpantzer @rybolov @csoandy @e_cowperthwaite @grecs @wikidsystems @lmwalsh2112 @PHYSECTECH @BrianHonan @kriggins @MikD @WeldPond @mckeay @ken5m1th

@adamshostack @RafalLos @agent0x0 @rogueclown @alexhutton @joshcorman @armorguy @quine @rmogull @treyford @gattaca @mckeay @andrewsmhay @burgessct

I also want to include some fellow journalists who bring a ton of security perspective to the table:@DennisF @rwestervelt @bobmcmillan @briankrebs

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in 2011.

–Bill Brenner