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by Rimin Dutt

Huawei proposes national Cyber Security Evaluation Centre

Oct 24, 20122 mins
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Telecommunications equipment provider, Huawei, has proposed a national Cyber Security Evaluation Centre, which will test the security credentials of technologies being implemented into critical infrastructure projects.

Huawei Australia Chairman, John Lord, in a speech to the National Press Club in Canberra, addressed concerns about the security the company’s products pose in light of recent attacks media furore about the company’s operations.

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Lord has called for more collaboration among vendors, operators, and governments to enhance cyber security, adding that no one has all the answers to tackling cyber threats.

“As information and communications technology plays an increasingly significant function in critical infrastructure projects around the world, all nations will need to take a step in this direction at some point,” he said.

Lord added that an “interdependent global technology supply chain” has created a wealth of benefits for Australians, but has also created new challenges for maintaining cyber security.

“In the age of globalisation, no country has the ability to sustain its own isolated ICT industry, indeed no country should. All countries must also develop security assurance frameworks to effectively analyse technology products which are globally sourced. Countries like the UK have already taken this vital step, and others must follow,” he said.

In his speech titled Globalisation, Innovation, and Security: The way forward for Huawei, Lord detailed Huawei’s history, growth, and local ambitions; noting that Australia must continue to reap the benefits of new technologies as Asia takes a leadership role in innovation and the development of intellectual property.

“Huawei is here in Australia for the long-haul. We will continue to invest in developing the technology which will drive this industry and the greater economy forward.

“This new era will bring a wealth of exciting and unforseen technology developments, and we are only beginning to comprehend the potential of this transformation. Australia must reap the benefits offered by the globalised ICT industry and the innovation pouring out of Asia and China.”

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