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by Ben Camm-Jones

Apple ID Phishing Scam Warning

Dec 02, 20112 mins
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Emails claiming to be from Apple harvesting Apple IDs for cybercriminals

A phishing scam targeting iTunes customers is circulating via email, security experts have warned.

Security firm Sophos outlined the scam on its Naked Security blog, warning of the email which seeks to trick you into visiting a compromised website and entering your Apple ID.

The email is signed ‘Apple Customer Support’ and warns that your billing information is out of date.

The text of the emails reads:

Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that your account Billing Information records are out of date. That requires you to update your Billing Information. Failure to update your records will result in account termination.

Click on the reference link below and enter your login information on the following page to confirm your Billing Information records…

Click on [LINK] to confirm your Billing Information records.

Thanks,Apple Customer Support

Sophos’ Graham Cluley pointed out that if you hovered over the link in the email you’d notice that the address you would actually be directed to was not an Apple-registered domain.

“The emails appear to be being spammed out widely, and not just to Apple Store users. The cybercriminals are taking a shotgun approach, hoping that a good proportion of recipients have Apple IDs and might be fooled into handing over their details,” said Cluley.