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by Sim Ahmed

NZ Mobile Operators Deny Using Carrier IQ Key Logger

Dec 02, 20112 mins
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New Zealand telcos say they do not use controversial tracking software

New Zealand mobile networks are distancing themselves from the recently discovered monitoring software installed surreptitiously on millions of phones overseas.

The software, called Carrier IQ and developed by a company of the same name, was discovered on an Android device by security researcher Trevor Eckhart. Since then there have been reports claiming the key logger is also on BlackBerrys, and iPhones.

In this YouTube video by Eckhart, he demonstrates how Carrier IQ logs key strokes on an HTC Evo 3D Android phone.

Eckhart says the software is capable of sending this data to network companies or third parties, and most alarmingly it can subvert HTTPS to reveal secure customer information.

Representatives for Telecom, Vodafone, and 2degrees have told Computerworld they do not use the software.

“We don’t install it [Carrier IQ] on our phones, and we don’t work with the company at all,” says Telecom.

“Carrier IQ is not used on our customer networks,” says Vodafone NZ.

“The protection of our customers’ privacy is paramount and we have strict guidelines governing the technologies we deploy.”

“The only customer information 2degrees records is for billing purposes. We don’t monitor our customers’ handset activity or request that any software to do so is installed on devices,” says 2degrees.

TelstraClear says on its Twitter account: “No, our devices do not keylog.”

On its site, Carrier IQ claims the software is installed in over 141 million phones worldwide.

US networks ATT and Sprint, as well as manufacturers HTC and Samsung have confirmed using the Carrier IQ software in their devices.

Apple have released a statement saying they discontinued the use of Carrier IQ in “most” of their devices as of iOS 5, and plan to fully cease functionality in the near future.

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