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by Ben Camm-Jones

Apple Security Chief John Theriault Retires

Nov 07, 20111 min
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Sources claim bungled investigation into lost iPhone 4S prompted Theriault's retirement

Apple’s Vice President of Global Security, John Theriault, has left the company, it has been confirmed.

AllThingsD reports that it had independently verified that the former FBI agent was retiring after 9to5Mac first reported that Theriault had stepped down. His LinkedIn profile list Theriault as still currently holding the role of Vice President of Global Security, though.

Theriault was behind the investigation into a lost iPhone 4S prototype that saw Apple employees accused of impersonating police officers to gain entrance to the home of a suspect in the case.

AllThingsD’s report mentions that sources close to Apple believe the bungled investigation was a key factor in Theriault’s departure.

Theriault joined Apple in 2007 from drug company Pfizer, where he was the Chief Security Officer. He was apparently closely involved in the fight against fake Apple products in China, according to leaked cables exposed by Wikileaks.