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by Pete Davison

Worms Returns, Again

Jul 27, 20112 mins
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Team 17 has announced that the Worms franchise is to once again return to XBLA, PSN and Steam later this year.

Back when the first Worms was released in 1995, it’s unlikely that Team 17 believed the series would still be going strong in 2011. But 17 mainline games later — some of which are remakes of earlier titles, admittedly — the invertebrate armies are still merrily blowing each other up with bazookas.

The latest addition to the series, announced today, is Worms Ultimate Mayhem. Rather than a completely new game, this is a souped-up, fully HD-ified reimagining of a combination of Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem. The game features all the content from the two original games along with some additional single player missions, more puzzles and a greater number of customization options.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure getting the chance to revisit two titles that we remember so fondly,” says Team 17’s head of design John Dennis. “In squeezing the entire content of both Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem into one collector’s edition digital package, we’ve delivered a ‘best of the 3D Worms games’ experience, complete with 60 single player missions, 12 graphical themes, 38 weapons, full online play for up to four players and literally more ways to customize your worm and game experience than we can count.”

Hyperbolic use of “literally” aside, the game sounds like a pleasingly substantial overhaul of the original titles. Fan feedback has been taken into account with improved camera functionality and voice-acted mission briefings, and a variety of new challenges and multiplayer maps will keep even the veterans happy.

There’s no specific release date beyond “later in 2011” yet, but we do know the new package will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Steam for an as-yet unknown price. Find out more soon via the official site.

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