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by Steve Fox and Steven Gray

Sony PlayStation Network breach and other tweets of the week

May 21, 20113 mins
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This Week's Top Story: PSN Fiasco

This Week’s Top Story: PSN Fiasco

PlayStation Network lurches to life. Sony’s slogan “make.believe” will no longer apply to network security.

After hack, Sony offers freebies to unhappy gamers. Let me guess: Free personal info about other players?


Alibaba transferred Alipay ownership without Yahoo approval. On the plus side, 40 thieves seem delighted.

Tech gadgets for the absurdly wealthy. I’m still looking for a reasonably priced iPad 2 embedded in a 36-foot yacht.

Lady Gaga fans descend on FarmVille. Diva enthusiasts hope to learn how to grow meat dresses.


Senators introduce PROTECT IP bill. House counters with a bill banning cutesy acronyms.

Companies explore private virtual worlds. Isn’t that just another term for “employees’ cubicles”?


Is the cellphone killing honeybees? I hope they aren’t talking on their phones while flying…

Playing video games preps you for tomorrow’s global workplace. Assuming that your job will involve flinging birds at pigs.

Scammers empty African victims’ bank accounts. Ruse begins “Greetings. I am Alan Greenspan, former chairman of US Fed…”

iOS developers threatened with patent lawsuits. I wonder if anyone has a patent on patent lawsuits.


Researchers test robot toughness with a bat. We’ll be notifying PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Androids).

Homebrew computer plays homebrew Asteroids. Alert me when they add homebrew beer to the equation.

Windows scareware fakes impending diaster. Want to really scare users? Threaten to revert to Vista.

Starbucks shares lessons of going mobile. Goal, we suspect, was to shift attention away from the coffee.

Moving to the cloud isn’t for everyone. We recommend living in Seattle for a week as a simulation first.


FTC targets entrepreneur who charged for phony “free trials”. We hope he’ll get his own free trial.

UK businesses warned to comply with EU cookie law. British must immediately stop calling them “biscuits.”

Couple names baby after Facebook “Like” button. Kid should be thankful she wasn’t named “Poke.”


N. Korea pulls Internet domain from German operator. “We never should have abandoned nepotism,” says some guy named Kim.

Editor asks: “Are you exposing your private Facebook lists?” Better, we assume, than exposing your Facebook privates list.

Helium-filled robotic blimp is a stalker. Plans to look up old girlfriend “in the cloud.”

Plants vs. Zombies heads to China with new game versions. Politburo vs. Gang of Four is sure to be a hit.

Self-inflating earbuds could save ears–and tunes. May also be used as a flotation device in case of a water landing.


Playboy unloads wares on the iPad. Does this mean that the rumored “Bachelor iPad” may be released after all?

Google intends to resist antipiracy law efforts. Citing principled interests in free speech, free booty?

Group seeks to form Apple retail workers union. The Brotherhood of Longshoremen & Geniuses is a natural.

Google plans expanded 24/7 phone support. Expansion to 25/8 support is based on an idea from Spinal Tap.

Your blood could tell how long you’ll live. Especially if most of it is on the ground next to you.

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