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Hack sets your ‘Angry Birds’ saved-game data free

May 05, 20112 mins
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Angry Birds is the undisputed king of smartphone games at the moment.

Angry Birds is the undisputed king of smartphone games at the moment. However, it you own more than one smartphone, or own, for example, an iPhone and iPad, it’s pretty annoying to lose your saved game and start over. Rovio previously said they would look at a way of syncing saved-game data, but there has been no word on the progress of the move as yet. Forunately, for those who are a little impatient, there’s a way to solve this annoyance.

XDA-Developers forum member Jeremy Helling (“OstrichSak“) wanted a way of moving the saved-game data for three different Angry Birds editions (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio) from one device to another, without losing his Golden Eggs or having to root any devices. After going through a process of elimination, he found the main clue was in the saved-game backups, which are available as apps under angrybirdsbackup, angrybirdsbackup (seasons) and Rio backup.

Jeremy’s first step is to purchase and install the Angry Birds app on a new device, then complete the first level and create a saved-game backup via the Angry Birds app. On the original device, install the same edition of Angry Birds, and create a backup of your saved-game data. Using a file explorer, find the backup folder from the new device and remove its contents, swapping them for the files of the original device. Finally, close the folder and use the restore function in the app. Voila!

It’s always a good idea to back up your saved games, since you never know what might happen to your smartphone or tablet. But it’s hard to see the point in this little hack if you have already completed the game–why install all your old data onto the new device just to have instantly completed it? If you are going to pick up your saved game on another device, you may as well practice those slingshot skills and start from scratch.

The full details of the hack can be found on the forum thread.

[XDA Developers Fourm]

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