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by Ben Camm-Jones

Apple store employees’ leave restricted – report

Apr 21, 20111 min
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Apple Store employees have reportedly been told that they cannot take any leave between 20 May and 22 May as the chain approaches its 10th anniversary

Apple Store employees are being refused requests for leave at the between 20 May and 22 May as the 10th anniversary of the chain draws near.

According to Apple Insider employees were informed via email that they would not be able to take these days off.

The first Apple Stores opened in Virginia and California on 19 May 2001. 19 May 2011 is a Friday, suggesting that Apple is planning a weekend-long event to mark the Apple Store chain’s 10th anniversary.

There are suggestions that there could be a new product launch around this time – possibly to the iMac line – though it would be too early for an iPhone 5 launch if current rumours are to be believed.

Apple restricted staff leave earlier this year when the iPad 2 launched.