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by Andrew Harrison

G-Data to patch Android’s insecurity

Mar 03, 20112 mins
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German-based security software developer G-Data used the CeBit show to announce its new protection product for Google Android phones and tablets.

German-based security software developer G Data used this year’s CeBit show to announce its new protection product for Google Android phones and tablets.

G-Data MobileSecurity 2012 is designed to run at all times in the background, monitoring the device for malevolent files and software.

A pre-release version of G Data MobileSecurity 2012 in German language localisation, running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab – just one of the many new Google-based tablets that are vulnerable to spyware, viruses and unauthorised telephone/SMS access

Only 300 kB in file size, this first effort for the Android platform from G Data is a simple app using only signature-based detection to find malware targetting Google’s phone software. The security process works automatically on-access while you use the phone or tablet, or you can initiate an on-demand scanner. A red G Data logo appears in the device’s top menu bar.

G Data MobileSecurity 2012 also includes an authorisation monitor which displays those apps that you have given permission to access the internet, make telephone calls and send SMS text messages.

Due to the ‘openess’ of the platform, Google Android is becoming increasingly attractive to developers of spyware and viruses. Anyone can upload an app to the Google Market, with no security vetting to ensure the app does only what it claims to do.

‘There’s only a handful of viruses for Android right now,’ G Data’s Benelux & UK country manager Jan Van Haver told PC Advisor, ‘But this time next year there will be many more.’

G Data MobileSecurity 2012 is scheduled for release in April 2011. It will be priced at £9.99. It will also be included at no additional charge for customer’s buying the company’s Windows security software.

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