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Bob Violino
Contributing writer

RSA Conference 2011: Cloud security challenges dominate

Feb 10, 20112 mins
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RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco Feb. 14-18 will feature a number of sessions devoted to cloud security issues.

Security in the cloud is a hot topic, so it’s no surprise that RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco Feb. 14-18 will feature a number of sessions devoted to the issue.

In one session, “Cloud Computing Privacy and Security: The Legal, Ethical, Regulatory Framework,” participants will discuss the various legal, ethical and regulatory issues in play and how organizations can address them effectively.

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Attendees will learn how to distinguish the most effective uses of cloud computing from those involving greater risk and contributing less value; classify, analyze and mitigate legal and compliance risks inherent in cloud service models; and determine how ethical requirements are affected by the use and management of cloud computing.

They’ll also learn “how to structure contracts [with cloud providers] in order to protect sensitive information that’s being shared with cloud providers,” says Tanya Forsheit, founding partner of InfoLawGroup LLP, Los Angeles — one of the session speakers.

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  • “From the perspective of the enterprise customer, it’s how to make sure if you’re going into the cloud environment that you have sufficient privacy and protections for your data.”

    Another session, “Private and Government Sectors: Why are Agencies Hesitant to Adopt Cloud?” was initially intended to focus on why many federal agencies are hesitant to move into the cloud. But since the abstract for the session was developed, “we have seen some changes and believe we are at an exciting time for federal adoption of cloud services,” says Randy Barr, CSO at Qualys Inc. “We will hear what those changes are during the panel and also at other sessions” during the conference, Barr says.

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  • Yet another session, “Cloud Computing: A Brave New World for Security and Privacy,” will advance the security and privacy conversation beyond general angst and cover specific examples, session planners say.