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RSA, BSidesSF 2011: Issues and events

Feb 13, 20112 mins
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Headed to San Francisco for RSA Conference 2011 and Security B-Sides? Here's a look at the issues and events.

SAN FRANCISCO — RSA Conference 2011 and Security B-Sides San Francisco don’t begin in earnest until tomorrow, but CSOonline has already been writing about the issues and events surrounding the week to come. Here’s a compilation:

Your RSA, BSidesSF survival guide

New to the RSA-BSidesSF experience? Here are some tips to get the most out of it.

An excellent guide to RSA Conference 2011

The folks at Securosos have produced an RSA guide that you simply must read.

RSA preview: Rafal Los talks AppSec

I spoke to Rafal Los, security evangelist, blogger and WebAppSec SME at HP about trends people should be thinking about at RSA Conference 2011.

RSA preview: Drive-by downloads: How to avoid getting a cap popped in your app speaker

An RSA talk Neil Daswani and Lars Ewe plan to give could be interesting.

BSidesSF preview: Letting someone else’s phone ring at 3 a.m.

Akamai CSO Andy Ellis will give a talk on why he doesn’t have to lay awake nights waiting for things to break.

BSidesSF preview: Selling security without selling your soul

Aaron Cohen, managing partner at MAD Security, will talk about what’s wrong with security salesmanship

BSidesSF preview: Amit Yoran sees improvement in national infosec effort

Amit Yoran left DHS in September 2004, frustrated by the government’s lack of attention to the cyber threat. Why he feels better about what’s happening in Washington today.

RSA Conference 2011: Cloud security challenges dominate

RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco Feb. 14-18 will feature a number of sessions devoted to cloud security issues.