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Debriefing: The middle ages

Jan 19, 20111 min
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Who could forget 'The Underachieving Thieves Guild' and 'Dueling Trade Shows'? You could. So here they are, PFDed with other classic CSO Magazine back pages from 2005-2007.

The back page of CSO Magazine, our “Debriefing” security humor page, has been amusing readers since 2002.

The PDF volume Debriefing: The early years was such a resounding success that we couldn’t resist the arduous labor required to create a second volume. Particularly since our Art Director is the one doing the arduous labor, while the editors take all the credit.

So here for registered CSO Insiders’ pleasure is Debriefing: The middle ages, covering the years 2005-2007. It’s a 30-page PDF reproduction of each column as it appeared in print, with original artwork.

File size is 2.13MB.

Most of them are funny. (One is not.) Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

Download the PDF here: