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The WikiLeaks drama: A timeline

Dec 09, 20104 mins
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Feeling lost somewhere in the middle of the WikiLeaks drama? Here's a timeline to help you sort things out.

The WikiLeaks story has snowballed so quickly and dramatically that it can be hard to keep track of everything that has taken place. In an attempt to sort all this out, CSO has constructed a timeline of events, starting with the most recent news and working back to when the story first gained our attention in late November.

What follows is taken directly from articles that have appeared on CSO since the story broke on Nov. 28.

We will update the timeline in the days to come.

DEC 9:
DEC 8:
DEC 7:
  • WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is arrested by U.K. police after turning himself in to authorities.
  • Visa pulls the plug on WikiLeaks supporters’ ability to make donations or payments to the site.
DEC 6:
DEC 4:
  • PayPal slaps WikiLeaks accounts with stifling restrictions for “violating the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy”
DEC 3:
DEC 2:
DEC 1:
NOV 30:
NOV 28:
WikiLeaks before Nov. 28

Though many people only started hearing about WikiLeaks in late November, the site has actually been around since 2006. The global non-profit organization, run by The Sunshine Press, is dedicated to the release of otherwise unavailable documents it receives from anonymous leaks and news sources. WikiLeaks database was said to have reached 1.2 million documents within its first year.