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by Steve Hunt

Specialized PSIM solution providers

Oct 08, 20102 mins
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Steve Hunt looks at the varied competitors offering Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platforms

Traditional command center solutions providers beginning to embrace PSIM concepts of turning security data into business intelligence—and generating substantial PSIM-related revenue—include some heavy hitters: ARINC, Boeing, DAQ, GE, ICXT, Intergraph, Kaplogic, L-3, Magall Senstar, and Northrop Grumman.

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PSIM Software Providers Specializing In Situation Management Include:

  • Computer Network Limited (CNL) is a privately held UK based software companies founded in 2001 with a US office in Indianapolis, Indiana. 2009 Revenues estimated at less than $20 million USD.
  • NICE Systems Ltd is a publicly traded Israel-based hardware and software company with 2009 revenues of $583.1 million USD.
  • Proximex Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with US offices in Texas, Tennessee and Colorado. Revenues estimated at less than $20 million USD.
  • Vidsys, Inc. is a privately funded spinout from Dynamic Technology Systems, Incorporated (DTS), VidSys is a software company headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with a development center in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 2009 Revenues estimated at less than $20 million USD.

Vendors Known To Complement Situation Management:

  • Business Logic/Rules engine—Augusta Systems ( and Vialogy (
  • Identity management-related event reporting—Quantum Secure
  • Video management systems integrated with external sensors, access control and/or video analytics—Aimetis, DVTel, Milestone, NICE, Verint, VideoNEXT, Visual Defense
  • Building and Environmental monitoring—Honeywell, Tridium, Siemens (Novatec)