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Telltale Signs of ATM Skimming

Feb 25, 20101 min
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ATM skimming schemes are responsible for about $350,000 of monetary losses each day in the United States and is considered to be the number one ATM-related crime. Here are a few things to look for the next time you need to hit the ATM.

Fake readers

Criminals place a fake device on top of an otherwise valid card reader and steal card information and PIN numbers

What’s wrong here?

In this picture, a fake reader has been placed on top of the machine’s authentic slot

An authentic card reader

This is what the reader looks like without the fraudulent device. Note the green-lighted perimeter

Prying eyes

Shoulder-surfing thieves stand behind and watch customers key in PINs.

“Un-security” camera

Another scam involves mounting hidden cameras above in order to watch customers enter PINs

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