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The Ultimate Security Pro Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 16, 20091 min
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Tired of bad ties, ugly scarves and inedible fruitcake? Give this handy guide to your loved ones so they'll understand what the busy security professional really needs.

Italian Bespoke Dress Shirt

Woven 150-thread-count blend of Egyptian Cotton and Kevlar. Bulletproof, but sleeves still roll up easily. (Plus: Armpits don’t show sweat!) Giraffe or camel pattern.

Megacalc Ultra-SX299 Number Cruncher

Takes bad data, runs it through immature algorithms, and outputs ROI numbers for which you will be held absolutely accountable. Grey or gray.

ViperSix Precision Chronograph

There’s nothing “second hand” about this elegant watch. Swiss quartz accuracy, boardroom style. New investigations feature: Can stop time (beta). Platinum or gold.

The Insider/Out

This pattern-matching marvel scrutinizes, combines and correlates events and alerts across network and physical perimeters, video analytics, background-check services, credit rating, social media sites, high school yearbooks and more— all without sacrificing a whit of your employees’ privacy! Black or a slightly lighter shade of black.