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Hoover Dam Security in Pictures

Oct 26, 20092 mins
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Scenes from CSOonline's tour of Hoover Dam security operations.

Power Center

Hydro-electric generators at the Hoover Dam.

Down Below, Where Tourists Don’t Go

The dam holds back the water of Lake Mead and is the focal point of security efforts. Seen from the bottom of the facility, an area off-limits to tourists.

Under The Bridge

The under-construction Hoover Dam Bypass can be seen on the approach to the dam, just past where traffic slows on the approach to the security checkpoint.

One of Many Security Layers

Cones like these were evident along the approach to the dam, as were other barriers.

Traffic Control

Vehicles pass over the dam. Luggage-carrying buses and several kinds of trucks are prohibited from using this road due to security concerns.

You’ve Been Warned

Signs throughout the area remind tourists that security is present.

Tools of the Security Trade

Vehicles outside the Hoover Dam police station. Much of the substation in the background is inactive but remains as a historical feature. These areas are constantly watched from the screens of the security command center.

Tour Guide

Peter Gregson, Regional Security Officer for Reclamation, gave CSOonline a tour of the Hoover Dam.

Security Hub

The police station

Electronic Guard

An access control reader outside one of the elevator shafts leading into the dam and below.

Sensitive Area

A workshop located near the hydro-electric generators.

Exclusive Tour

Gregson shows us more behind-the-scenes equipment.


Piping in a tunnel opening at the bottom of the dam.


One of many tunnels inside the dam.


A Visitor Center security checkpoint with x-ray and metal detector.

You’ve Been Warned Again

Signs throughout the area remind tourists of the importance of security.

Threatened Resource

Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the U.S., created by the damming of the Colorado River.

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