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Bullet-Proof SUVs, Bomb Suits, “Cuff Man” and More

Sep 28, 20091 min
Physical Security

Interesting sights from the show floor at a physical security convention (ASIS 2009 in Anaheim)

Bulletproof SUV door

All shot up. Shooting demo did not take place on show floor, unfortunately. (

Armored Toyota LandCruiser, rear door

“B6-level protection”; allegedly can withstand blast from 15kg of c4 explosive; under $100k. (Also from Heat Armor)

Grab-300 vehicle stopper

Works more or less like a bollard, except the flexible net means the driver might live. (Universal Safety Response;

Carbide 150 border patrol system

Left camera: thermal. Right camera: long-range day/night. On top: radar. Vehicle mounted; can observe a man-sized target 8 miles away. (

Mail scanner unit

Scans mail. See next slide.(

Suspicious letter?

Mail scanner detected funny residue? Open in powder-containment unit. (

Bomb suit

In case powder-containment unit isn’t sufficient. (

Cuff Man!

Your friendly show-floor police baton test dummy. ( – “The future of impact weapons”)