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Sample Termination Checklist

Sep 04, 20093 mins
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This sample employee termination checklist comes from Tim Giles' book "How to Develop and Implement a Security Master Plan"

The following termination checklist was taken from Tim Giles’ book “How to Develop and Implement a Security Master Plan”. The book is available on

For more ideas, see BT’s employee termination checklist or “exit pack” as well as the article Security’s role in handling layoffs.

XYZ Company Line Manager Termination Checklist

Manager should initial or write N/A after each

1. Equipment, software, and non-consumable items; Any items purchased for work purposes

It is the line manager’s responsibility to ensure that all equipment, software, and nonconsumable items previously purchased for work purposes are returned prior to leaving.

Combination locks and code locks

Change combinations on all locks to which individual had access.

2. Keys Building and gate keys

Managers need to ensure that all keys are returned to “CO.” Security at: (address here) Any queries, please contact the Security Helpline on: (number here)

3. Protective Clothing

Managers should follow local arrangements for return.

4. Company logo clothing, etc.

Managers should follow local arrangements for return.

5. Financials, Cash advances, Corporate charge cards

Managers should follow local arrangements for return of money, etc.

Corporate cards must be retrieved from employees leaving the company, cut in half, and sent to(info here)

6. Communications: Car phones and mobile phones, pagers, fax machines, etc.

Managers should follow local arrangements for return. However, “CO” has a policy for the disposal of recovered redundant equipment.

Details of equipment to be recovered should be entered on the order. Removal or unauthorized use of any “CO” equipment for personal use are not allowed and will be considered under the discipline procedure.

Personal computers, including: terminals and modems and software and printers:

Computing assets are tagged to an individual, when leaving the company the individual must reallocate the assets via e-Organization. Line managers must ensure the appropriate action has been taken for these assets.

It is the responsibility of the line manager to ensure that all sensitive data are deleted from the PC if it is to be transferred to an individual who should not have access to this information.

Security passwords, systems and intranet access

The “CO” process is accessed via . Line manager notification via this channel will automatically trigger deletion of ALL registered systems access. REMEMBER: When you request a deletion the person will lose ALL access to systems and buildings.

For further information outlining line manager responsibilities, please access: Ownership of system/ network/ application/Web site Line managers must ensure that transfer to new owner is completed and that the appropriate system administrator removes access authority via: . All access to systems must be rescinded before individual’s last day of service.

7. Access cards ID cards for “CO” Buildings

Managers must ensure that all “CO” swipe and proximity cards, as well as ID cards, are returned to “CO” Security at: . Any queries, please contact the “CO” Security Helpline on( info here)


Manager Name:

When completed, this form should be retained locally by the line manager. Please advise via e-mail if you experience any problems.