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Lock and Download

Jul 01, 20081 min
Physical Security

Tired of having to walk to the door to adjust the lock? Now you can do it from the Web

LochIsle, an Ottawa-based company that aspires to “change the locks of the future,” has released iLoch, a Web-based access control program for doors.

It’s easy enough for small businesses and even homeowners to use in place of mechanical locks and keys.

LochIsle’s hardware is based on the iButton, an embedded system from Dallas Semiconductor.

The iLoch is aimed at smaller companies that rely on mechanical locks and can be programmed anywhere from any Web browser, says Gavin McLintock, founder, CEO and CTO of LochIsle.

“We’re just making it a whole lot cheaper, easier, quicker and more convenient to program access control and look at the access logs,” he says.

One analyst says the iLoch represents part of a shift in the access control market to Internet-based systems.

“They’re in the right area. I haven’t come across somebody else doing what they’re doing,” says Niall Jenkins, an analyst at IMS Research in Wellingborough, U.K.

Jenkins noted that access control companies don’t usually target small and midsize businesses.