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by Channelworld staff, Channelworld India

McAfee to Support Intel-based Laptops

Aug 27, 20082 mins

This latest security initiative will place McAfee data encryption on the Intel VPro hardware leveraging Intel's Anti-Theft Technology to disable laptops booted without authorization

McAfee said it will extend its security products to Intel-based laptops and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). The company will provide integrated data encryption for laptops and integrated mobile content security for MIDs – based on the Intel AtomTM processor Z5XX series and Moblin-based software.

Additionally, McAfee announced plans to integrate McAfee’s security encryption with Intel’s Anti-Theft Technology and Active Management Technology to protect the data on a laptop in the event that it is stolen and an unauthorized user tries to access it.

Mobile Internet Devices are becoming popular in the industry as they enable the rich PC Internet experience in pocketable devices while running light weight operating systems such as Moblin Linux. Service providers see Moblin-based MIDs as a new way to deliver content and services to subscribers.

As MIDs rely on the open Internet to bring applications and services to people, they will be susceptible to similar security challenges as the PC. McAfee’s security solutions will help protect service providers and their subscribers from external threats.

“In today’s highly connected world, Intel takes mobile device security very seriously,” said Pankaj Kedia,Director of Global Ecosystem Programs in Intel Corporation’s Ultra Mobility Group. “Intel’s low power technologies, in combination with McAfee’s experience in security solutions, should enable a more robust and secure solution for our customers.”

High profile data breaches continue to make headlines, impacting corporate reputation and the bottom line. Data loss prevention solutions monitor, document, and prevent sensitive information from leaving an organization. Data encryption protects an organization if a laptop is lost or stolen. McAfee’s suite of mobile data protection solutions protects data, devices and networks against the risks associated with loss, theft, and unauthorized access, anytime and anywhere. McAfee’s centralized management capabilities provide organizations with operational efficiency and ensure low total cost of ownership.

This latest security initiative will place McAfee data encryption on the Intel VPro hardware leveraging Intel’s Anti-Theft Technology to disable laptops booted without authorization. If a laptop is lost or stolen the device will automatically shut down when the unauthorized user tries to access the data.

“McAfee provides enterprise-class, powerful encryption and strong access control technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing systems,” said Gerhard Watzinger, senior vice president and general manager of McAfee’s Data Protection Business Unit. “By teaming with Intel to provide encryption for laptops we are extending protection to customers anywhere anytime.”