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by CSO Staff

Joe’s Response

Jul 21, 20081 min
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It was a pleasure working with your publication and overall I think you did a nice job of capturing some of our security work.

I must confess slight disappointment that your reporters glossed over some important details such as my white- and pink-noise generator from Radio Design Labs, which helps protect my conversations from electronic eavesdropping. (There is no truth to the inter-office rumor that I considered adding Tempest shielding, which turns out to be too expensive.) Also my HVAC systems and various controls around the building are protected with locking mechanisms from McGard and other specialty providers. And I have my eye on new mantraps; biological detection systems from Smiths Detection; night-vision surveillance technology from NoblePeak; a package scanner for the mailroom; and other useful devices and measures.

Perhaps we can coordinate a followup visit at a later date. As usual, please submit any visiting reporters’ names well in advance so we can do our background checks.