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by Jen McCarthy

The CSO Quiz Book

May 14, 20072 mins
Build AutomationCSO and CISO

Miss sharpening your #2 pencil and finding out exactly what you know? Want to brush up on your knowledge of a good clean-desk policy or get advice on whether to take a new job? Below, links to the best quizzes and interactive tools that have run in CSO over the years. Answer honestly. We won’t fail you.

How Flawed Is Your Security Program? has identified the 28 most common attributes of a flawed security program. Rank how often each one applies to your department, and find out whether you have a top-notch program–or a future working for Moo Burger.


The Clean-Desk Test: What’s Wrong with this Picture?CSO all-time favorite. Bonus interactive tool: Rate your own desk! (Requires Flash Player 6.0.)

A messy desk is a vulnerable desk. We’ve created one with 20 egregious violations of a good policy. See if you can find them in this

Where are the Security Risks at this Offsite Meeting?

Executives are gathering at a sensitive offsite meeting. Can you spot the 12 ways information might leak out?

How Could This Employee Steal Company Secrets?

Insiders (like the temp who sits at this desk) can use many tools and techniques to pilfer your intellectual property. How many can you find? This interactive tool helps you identify and rate each risk of insider theft.

Should You Take the Job (or Shove It)?

Take this quiz to figure out whether a job you’re considering is a great career move or a nightmare-in-waiting.

What Type of Leader Are You?

We tend to lump others into stereotypical roles, sometimes basing our judgment on relatively few data points. Take this quiz to see how others perceive your leadership style, and get pointers on making yourself more well-rounded.