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Jun 13, 20072 mins
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Thwarting Data Loss Is your data safe? Companies are losing millions due to data breaches. Compliance with internal security policies and external regulations is forcing companies to identify and secure sensitive data. More than 70% of companies surveyed say that securing sensitive data is “high priority” but only 22% of companies have adopted data loss solutions. This Aberdeen Benchmark study looks at the strategies Best in Class companies are using to protect their data. Identity & Access ManagementOrganizations are using Identity and Access Management to reduce administrative costs, increase user productivity, tighten security and make systems compliant with policies and regulations. This report looks at the adoption of identity and access management technologies, results and best practices of Best in Class companies, and next steps toward stronger identity and access management. Aberdeen Group queried users in small, medium and enterprise companies across a wide range of industries including health care, financial services.Lag-time in De-provisioning Access Leaves Companies VulnerableWhen employees leave, when contracts are terminated, when personnel change roles, organizations need to terminate access to systems and resources or risk inappropriate use Aberdeen research shows that laggard companies sometimes delay turning off access for more than 30 days and many companies leave accounts open indefinitely. This brief highlights findings from recent Aberdeen research in Identity and Access Management.This Research Brief illustrates the benefits of timely employee provisioning and de-provisioning. Timely provisioning can save companies millions of dollars in employee downtime while rapid de-provisioning ensures that malicious and retaliatory behavior by dismissed employees is minimized. Provision or Pay: Employee Downtime Costs Companies MillionsProvision and Reset Passwords Quickly for Productivity and Quantifiable ROI

This Research Brief illustrates how timely employee provisioning and the rapid implementaiton of a password change request can save companies millions of dollars in employee downtime. Small changes can reap large returns.