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Camera Speed Counts

Sep 01, 20052 mins
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How many frames per second do you need for your surveillance project? It depends. Thirty frames per second, used by televisions in the U.S.,is the gold standard, but it’s often unnecessary, says Aaron Chesler, NiceVision’s director of sales for the Eastern region. But video quality with 15 fps is usually good enough he says. With 15 fps, you also use only half as much bandwidth and disk space (measured below in units).

Some typical frame rates:

Speed: 3.75 fps

Video quality: Jumpy

Uses: Commercial buildings, branch banks, ATMs

Storage required: 1 unit

Speed: 15 fps

Video quality: fairly smooth

Uses: Most applications (for example, train stations, airports, trading floors, call centers)

Storage required: 4 units

Speed: 24 fps

Video quality: smooth to the human eye, real-time

Uses: U.S. movies

Storage required: 6 units

Speed: 30 fps

Video quality: real-time

Uses: U.S. televisions, casino gaming floors,high-security government areas, military

Storage required: 8 units

See for yourself: One of these short videos was shot at 3.75 frames per second.The other was shot at 15 frames per second.


Video clips provided by NiceVision