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Comparing Vulnerability Scanners

Mar 03, 20081 min
Build AutomationCSO and CISO

 CenzicHP(SPI)IBM (Watchfire)NTOBJECTIVESWhiteHat
Product or Service EitherEitherEitherEitherService only
Installation (Centralized or Desktop/ Distributed) EitherEither EitherEitherN/A (hosted service)
Reporting Formats CSV, DOC, HTML, PDF, RTF HTML and PDF or direct from SQL database DOC, PDF, PPT, XML; Reporting console supports CSV, DOC, PDF, XLS, XML HTML, XML or direct from SQL database HTML, PDF, XML
QA/Testing IntegrationIntegrates with Borland and HP Quality CenterIntegrates with HP QA Inspect, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Microsoft Visual Studio TeamSystemIntegrates with IBM Rational ClearQuest, HP QualityCenter and Microsoft Visual Studio TeamSystemNo Via API
Static Source Code Analysis Tool IntegrationIntegrates with Fortify SCA and Ounce LabsIntegrates with HP (SPI) DevInspect;

Partnerships with Veracode and Ounce Labs

Integrates with Fortify SCA Static binary analysis, VeracodeN/A
Web Application Firewall (WAF) IntegrationIntegrates with Netcontinuum Integrates if WAF supports AVDLNoNoN/A
Manual Penetration Testing SupportTester-configured Smart AttacksHP (SPI) Security ToolkitAppScan eXtensions Framework, Watchfire PowerTools and ability to manage third-party tools from the AppScan consoleTester-configured manual crawling, XML attacks and fuzzingService includes manual penetration testing