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Crowd Dynamics: Move Along (quiz answers)

Feb 05, 20073 mins
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Quiz answers

Move Along

1. According to crowd dynamics expert Dr. Keith G. Still, what is the leading cause of death in crowding incidents such as rushes, crushes or stampedes? a. Crushing b. Head injuries c. Asphyxiation

d. Internal injuries

Answer: c

2. In an April 2001 crowd crush at a South African football match that killed at least 43, about how many people were pushing their way into Ellis Park Stadium, capacity 68,000? a. 70,000 b. 80,000

c. 90,000 d. 120,000

Answer: d

3. According to reports, what was a likely cause of a stampede that killed six children in a stairwell at a school in China in November 2006? a. One child bending over to tie a shoelace on the stairs b. Children lighting firecrackers that startled the crowd c. A locked door at the bottom of the stairs preventing kids from getting out

d. Kids rushing because they were excited for the last day of school

Answer: a

4. Rank the following by the average amount of area they take up in a standing position, from most area to least. a. Japanese males b. British males c. Swiss females d. Polish males

e. French females

Answer: B, C, E, D, A

5. True or False: Braess’s paradox can be summarized as “The fewer people entering a space, the more routes they’ll take to getthere.”

Answer: False ( Braess’;s Paradox can be summarized as “Increasing choice of routes increases congestion”)

6. According to Dr. Still, how long can a space endure high density (four people per square meter) before it should be considered a safety concern? a. 30 seconds b. 6 minutes c. 20 minutes

d. 1 hour

Answer: b

7. About how many liters of air does a crowd of 80,000 breathe in every second? a. 500 b. 2,500

c. 7,700 d. 9,300

Answer: d

8. True or False: You can anticipate distress in a crowd by a rising pitch of the collective noise that comes from its members, a phenomenon called “hive noise.”

Answer: True

9. Which of the following is a term for fear of crowds? a. Demophobia b. Agoraphobia c. Enochlophobia

d. All of the above

Answer: d

10. How many people could convene comfortably in a 150 square meter kitchen, during a party, according to licensing authorities?

a. 100 b. 75 c. 50 d. 25

Answer: c (Authorities recommend you divide the total square meters by three)

Bonus question: According to a poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, what was it “no stranger in the crowd could doubt”?

Answer: “‘;twas Casey at the bat.”

How’d You Do? 13 correct: Please disperse 48 correct: Line forms to the left

911 correct: V.I.P.s enter to the right