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by Dave Gradijan

Wal-Mart Sued for Selling Counterfeit Goods

Jun 13, 20061 min
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Fendi, a division of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, is suing Wal-Mart for selling counterfeit handbags and wallets in its Sam’s Club warehouse stores, a Bloomberg News article on reports.

According to the article, Fendi accused Wal-Mart of fencing fake Fendi handbags in its Sam’s Club stores for roughly $525. The authentic products retail for about $900.

Sam’s Club is selling “handbags, shoulder bags, purses, wallets and key chains” that “imitate the designs of the Fendi products” and carry imitation Fendi trademarks, the complaint says.

The article states the suit accuses Wal-Mart of earning millions of dollars by selling the knockoffs in stores in New York, California, Illinois and Florida. The company seeks undetermined damages and a ruling blocking Wal-Mart from selling the copies.

Fendi identified 12 alleged knockoffs that Wal-Mart is selling in its Sam’s Club stores. A counterfeit wallet is on sale for $199, the suit says, and the retail price for the genuine article is $385.

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Compiled by Paul Kerstein