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by Dave Gradijan

Sailors’ Personal Data Found Online

Jun 27, 20062 mins
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The Navy started a criminal investigation after Social Security numbers and other personal information for 28,000 sailors were found on a civilian website, an Associated Press article on reports.

According to the Navy, information was found in five documents and included people’s names, birth dates and Social Security numbers. Navy spokesman Lt. Justin Cole would not identify the website or its owner, but said the information had been removed. He would not provide any details about how the information ended up on the site.

Cole also told the AP that the individuals whose information was posted have been contacted and encouraged to monitor their financial accounts.

The article also states that in a letter Friday to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, one member of Congress asked for details on the Navy incident, and questioned whether the Defense Department will make sure free credit help is provided for those affected.

The article also reports U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, D-Massachusetts, said he had asked Rumsfeld two years ago about the implications of federal agencies outsourcing data collection and processing activities. While there is no indication that outsourcing was the problem in the Navy case, Markey said he wants to know what effect that would have on the security of information on military personnel.

According to the AP, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating the breach. The initial discovery was made by the Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command, which routinely monitors the Internet for such problems.

Compiled by Paul Kerstein

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