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by Dave Gradijan

YMCA Reports Data Theft on 65,000 People

Jun 08, 20061 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

The YMCA is the latest organization to disclose a computer theft that puts people at risk of identity fraud, the Providence Journal reports.

The YMCA stated that a laptop computer with credit card and Social Security numbers, as well as checking account data and names, addresses and medical information about children participating in YMCA day-care programs, was stolen from locked administrative offices in Providence, R.I., sometime in May. Roughly 65,000 people are at risk, the Journal reports.

Michelle Riendeau, a YMCA spokeswoman, told reporters the device was protected by at least two locked doors at the time it was taken, and only a “very small minority” of the records on the stolen machine included customers’ Social Security numbers.

Riendeau also told the Journal that the computer did have security software, but the YMCA felt it was necessary to inform its customers of the potential exposure. The YMCA has not received any reports leading it to believe that information on the laptop has been used to commit identity fraud or any other crimes.

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Compiled by Paul Kerstein