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Takeaways from CSO Perspectives

Mar 23, 20073 mins
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A View into Starbucks Enterprise Security

Starbucks Coffee’s security team led by Francis D’Addario shared their approach to enterprise security for everything from keeping coffee buyers safe on trips to Indonesia and Ethiopia, to helping coffee baristas understand what to do if there’s an attempted robbery, to monitoring coffee shipments from farm to roasting plant to corner store.

Planning, Communications and Cash: Key ingredients for disaster planning

A panel of three security executives from retail giant Target, spice and food maker McCormick & Co. and technology maker Sun Microsystems share their insights for dealing with natural and man-made disasters at the CSO Perspectives conference.

Measure, then Act: General Electric CSO Frank Taylor on the Importance of Process Improvements

Frank Taylor, the CSO of General Electric, emphasized to an audience of security executives at the CSO Perspectives conference that you don’t need to be a “Six Sigma black belt” to use its principles — and to benefit from the results.

CSO Perspectives: Burill calls security convergence “inevitable”

David Burrill, the former head of security for British American Tobacco and who now leads a security consulting firm, said security convergence relies less on the structure of an organization, its leaders and its budgets and more on a cultural shift to treat security as a core value across the entire company.

Security Awareness Requires Carrots, Sticks — and Lots of Communication

At the CSO Perspectives conference, security executives from Genzyme and Cisco say that effective security awareness programs require top-management buy-in, policies that require accountability for bad acts and rewards for employees who perform well. And good awareness programs also require a great deal of communication about the stakes involved in protecting corporate assets.

CSO Perspectives: American Water’s Larson Lays Down Some Metrics

The CSO Perspectives conference tagline this year is “The Business Case for Security” and that’s exactly what American Water’s security chief Bruce Larson is trying to deliver to his bosses. He shared his experiences building and maintaining useful metrics at a breakout session here this afternoon.

On war anniversary, Bremer opens CSO Perspectives preaches patience in Iraq

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, who led the Coalition Provisional Authority that managed Iraq before the new Iraqi government took over in 2004, opened the CSO Perspectives conference here with a broad reaching keynote address in which he championed successes in Iraq, defended his legacy and advocated patience with the Bush administration’s plan to increase troop levels to improve security in Baghdad.

CSO Perspectives: Tabletop Exercise Demonstrates Crisis Management Challenge

The CSO Perspectives Conference opened with a tabletop exercise, with more than 50 security executives playing roles to see how the report of a possible act of corporate espionage played out, and how they would respond.

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