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Report Card on HSPD-12: How Many PIV Cards Have Been Issued?

Mar 16, 20072 mins
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Starting March 1, the White House Office of Management and Budget requires that agencies post quarterly updates on their public websites reporting how far along they are in issuing the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards that allow them to comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12. (The PDF for this order is located here.) As far as CSO knows, there has been no central clearinghouse publicly compiling information on how agencies are doing as a whole. Below, our best attempt to locate the websites and add up the numbers.

DepartmentsNumber of employees requiring PIV cardsNumber of PIV cards issued
Department of Agriculture107,0007
Department of Commerce44,2524
Department of Defense (Has posted information on internal site, not publicly)n/an/a
Department of Educationn/an/a
Department of Energy13,6185
Department of Housing and Urban Developmentn/an/a
Department of Health and Human Servicesn/an/a
Department of Homeland Securityn/an/a
Department of Interior*64,33817
Department of Justicen/an/a
Department of Labor15,37811
Department of State19,865915
Department of Transportation52,9796
Department of Treasury121,4615
Department of Veterans Affairs241,000430

Based on data reported March 1. Last updated March 19, 2007.

*Both the Department of Interior and the General Services Administration are acting as shared service providers and issuing cards for other agencies. The numbers listed above do not include cards those agencies have issued to other agences. For a complete list of cards that the Department of Interior has issued, see this report posted by the Department of Interior National Business Center. In all, National Business Center reports that it has issued 46 of the 73,761 cards it is required to issue. We have not included those numbers above because there is some duplication where the agency also has posted its own report.

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