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by Dave Gradijan

Dirty-Bomb Threats to NFL Stadiums Deemed Not Credible

Oct 19, 20061 min
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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned officials in eight U.S. cities on Wednesday about a dirty-bomb threat, but it believes it is not credible, Reuters reports.

According to the DHS, the threat was posted on the Internet and said bombs with radioactive material were smuggled into the country and would be used to attack NFL stadiums in Miami, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Oakland, California and Cleveland, Reuters reports.

“We are looking at this with strong skepticism. We have judged that there is not a credible threat here. There is no evidence or intelligence that there is a credible threat of such attacks,” Homeland Security spokesman Jarrod Agen told Reuters.

Out of caution, the DHS notified federal, state, local and private-sector partners, the article reports. Agen said the information is out there, but the Department didn’t ask authorities to take any security measures.

Reuters reports that the threat was posted to an English-language website at and said dirty bombs in trucks would be detonated outside the stadiums during Sunday’s NFL games.

Compiled by Paul Kerstein

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