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by Dave Gradijan

Spying Scandal at Hewlett-Packard

Sep 22, 20063 mins
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Hewlett-Packard has found itself in hot water in recent days over its board of directors’ efforts to determine the source of company information leaked to media sources.  Each day additional information regarding the involvement of Chairman Patricia Dunn, Chief Executive Mark Hurd and other officials emerges and the scandal continues to is on the story, and we’ll keep you posted on the latest developments right here on our Spying Scandal page.  Keep checking in for updated coverage.

The latest news:

HP Names Mike Holston as New Counsel – Posted Feb. 8, 2007

Charges Dismissed Against Hewlett-Packard Spy – Posted Jan. 30, 2007

HP Investigator Will Plead Guilty to Identity Theft – Posted Jan. 12, 2007HP Investigator Faces Identity-Theft Charge – Posted Jan. 12, 2007Phone Privacy Act Passed by Congress – Posted Dec. 12, 2007

HP Settles Civil Spying Lawsuit – Posted Dec. 8, 2006

Baskins Takes 5th as Politicians Lambaste HP – Posted Sept. 28, 2006

HP General Counsel Resigns – Posted Sept. 28, 2006HP CEO Says Pretexting Probe a ’Rogue’ Investigation – Posted Sept. 28, 2006 5 More Subpoenas Issued by House in HP Probe – Posted Sept. 27, 2006 HP Security Staffer Resigns After Receiving Subpoena – Posted Sept. 26, 2006House Panel Adds Second Day to HP Hearings – Posted Sept. 26, 2006HP Lawyer Provides Details of Leak Probe – Posted Sept. 25, 2006HP’s Hurd Confirms Probe, Accepts Dunn Resignation – Posted Sept. 25, 2006Calif. AG: No Evidence Yet to charge HP CEO Hurd – Posted Sept. 22, 2006SEC Broadens HP Probe – Posted Sept. 22, 2006Hurd Will Share HP Investigation Analysis – Posted Sept. 22, 2006Report: HP CEO Hurd Knew of Planned Deception – Posted Sept. 21, 2006HP Probe Expanded by House Panel – Posted Sept. 20, 2006Reports: HP Used Physical, E-mail Tracking in Probe – Posted Sept. 18, 2006 – Posted Sept. 12, 2006HP Obtained Reporters’ Phone Records in Probe – Posted Sept. 8, 2006

HP Spying Allegations Probed by U.S. DoJ

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