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by Dave Gradijan

Thugs Shoot Person Waiting to Buy PlayStation 3

Nov 17, 20061 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has folks acting crazy—and not just the ones who waited in line for days to get their hands on the new system, which launched in the United States at midnight Friday.

A pair of thugs early Friday morning confronted a number of people waiting in line in Putnam, Conn., to buy a PlayStation 3 console, demanded cash and shot a person who refused to comply, The Boston Globe reports.

The news comes from the Connecticut State Police, according to the Globe.

State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance said the incident took place just after 3 a.m. EST on Friday, the Globe reports.

The two suspects took off after shooting the person in line, and they were still missing when the Globe article was posted.

The victim was transported to UMass Medical Center in Worcester, Mass., though no information regarding the person’s condition was immediately available, according to the Globe.

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-Compiled by Al Sacco