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by Dave Gradijan

Railroad Workers’ Personal Data Lost

Apr 28, 20062 mins
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Personal information, including Social Security numbers, for about 17,000 of the Long Island Railroad’s employees was lost by a records-storage company, the Associated Press reports via the Plainview Daily Herald.

The company, Iron Mountain of Boston, said through a spokeswoman that the missing records did not involve any private information, and it believes the records were accidentally lost, as opposed to being stolen, according to the AP. But the case is being investigated as a suspected burglary by the New York police, the AP reports.

The loss, which also included data tapes from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, was reported by an Iron Mountain driver while he was parked in the Bronx, the AP reports.

About 17,000 current and former employees of the Long Island Railroad were notified of the loss through a letter earlier this week, according to the AP.

In a statement, Iron Mountain said it is “extremely unlikely” that anyone who found the data tapes could retrieve the information, explaining that “highly specialized expertise, specific software and sophisticated technology equipment” would be needed, according to the AP.

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Compiled by Dave Gradijan