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India Awaits Results of Avian Flu Tests (UPDATED)

Feb 22, 20062 mins
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Since this story was originally reported, additional information has been attained.  Read Seven Test Negative for Avian Flu in India for updates.

On Wednesday, a group of 12 people were in quarantine in India after a number of them displayed flu-like symptoms, such as respiratory problem, Reuters reports.

The twelve, five of whom are children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old, would be the country’s first humans to contract the virus, according to Reuters.

Malaysia’s health minister said test results are expected within 24 hours, Reuters reports.

“The initial results are expected today (Wednesday) evening,” Maharashtra’s top health official, Vijay Satbir Singh, told Reuters.  “We are keeping our fingers crossed.”

Maharashtra is a western Indian state.

Seven Malaysian people who live in an area where bird flu is known to exist were also being treated in a local hospital, according to Reuters.

The H5N1 virus’ recent spread across Europe and into Africa and India is a major cause of concern because of the huge numbers of people in the rural areas of these countries who maintain close contact with domestic fowl and other animals, Reuters reports.

It is likely only a matter of time before the virus mutates into a form that’s communicable by people, starting what could be a pandemic.

Health workers across India are currently conducting mass extermination sessions of local fowl in an effort to slow the virus’s proliferation, according to Reuters.

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