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Avian Flu Confirmed in Niger

Feb 27, 20062 mins
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On Monday, Ilaria Capua, chief of a research laboratory in Padua, Italy where tests for bird flu have been conducted, said cases of the potentially fatal H5N1 avian flu strain have been confirmed in Niger, Africa, the Associated Press reports via

Niger is the second African country to confirm cases of the avian flu strain. Last week, Nigeria said it had confirmed the presence of the strain.  Nigeria neighbors Niger to the south.

The spread of the virus across the African continent is particularly alarming because the nation cannot adequately prepare for or respond to an outbreak due to its weak infrastructure.  It’s believed that the virus was in Niger prior to Monday’s confirmation, but a lack of resources and adequately trained professionals led to slowed response efforts, the AP reports.

The virus was discovered nearly 50 miles from the Nigerian border, in the small village of Illela, the AP reports.

It’s unknown how many birds have been affected, according to the AP.

Speaking at a conference in France regarding bird flu, Capua expressed concern that the recent discovery of H5N1 in Nigeria and Niger could lead to an outbreak of endemic proportions, the AP reports.

“Given the sort of agriculture they have and given the hygienic standards they have in animal farming, I believe that this is just the start,” she said.

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