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by Dave Gradijan

University IT Execs Fired After Data Breaches

Aug 04, 20062 mins
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Two IT executives at Ohio University were fired, following a suspension in June, in connection with data security breaches at the school, reports.

The school announced that Tom Reid, the university’s director of communication network services, and Todd Acheson, the manager of Internet and systems, were dismissed.

According to the article, the dismissals came three weeks after the University’s CIO, William Sams, resigned after the disclosure of the breaches, one of which exposed personal information on 137,000 alumni.

Last week, Ohio University announced a 20-point information security plan to protect its students, faculty and alumni, Computerworld reports.

Computerworld states the article includes installation of a perimeter firewall, implementation of a system to classify data by the level of security required and an effort to reduce the use of Social Security numbers, as well as encrypt them, at the university. The school is also planning to reorganize the central IT organization and establish clear roles and responsibilities. The entire plan is expected to cost between $5.5 million and $8 million.

The changes come from a review of the breaches, Computerworld reports. The first involved a server containing patent data and intellectual property files at the university’s Innovation Center, and the second occurred on May 4, when a system belonging to its Hudson Health Center was broken into.

Compiled by Paul Kerstein

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