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by Dave Gradijan

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant to Take Over Own Security

Aug 29, 20062 mins
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The Pilgrim power plant is taking steps to regain the management of the plant’s security from Wackenhut, the national company currently providing more than 100 guards at the reactor, Security Director News reports.

According to The Boston Globe, Entergy’s announcement rides on the coattails of increased public and governmental attention on nuclear power plant management in the post-Sept. 11 era, along with criticism of Wackenhut’s performance.

The Project on Government Oversight, a nonprofit group dedicated to improving government accountability, issued a report about Wackenhut practices, citing a failure to adequately train employees and keep them on duty for long shifts. But Wackenhut rejects the criticism and defends its practices, the Globe reports.

However, an Entergy spokesman said the decision to take over security did not stem from dissatisfaction with Wackenhut, which provides security for half of the nation’s nuclear reactors. Instead, Pilgrim is hoping to foster long-term employment among Entergy guards and make the position more attractive by offering Entergy benefits, Security Director News reports.

According to the article, Entergy has already brought security management under in-house control at some of its other plants.

Security Director News reports that a tentative agreement has been made with Wackenhut, but the company is waiting for ratification by members of the guard’s union before going into effect. Although responsibilities would shift to Entergy, the workforce would remain largely the same with no major changes in plant security.

Compiled by Paul Kerstein

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