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Hostages Freed, Suspect Held After Bank Standoff

Jan 26, 20061 min
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All hostages in a bank standoff at a Bank of America branch in Exeter, CA were confirmed to be released early on Thursday, and the gunman was taken into custody.

An article on MSNBC reports that during an early morning delivery of cigarettes, requested by the gunman, the police were able to extract the last hostage and arrest Jesse Martinez.

The standoff began late on Wednesday afternoon when Martinez reportedly held up the bank at gunpoint. Other reports say that hostages were taken when the situation did not go as Martinez planned. He entered carrying a suitcase and quietly gave a note to one of the employees.

Some of the hostages said they did not see a gun and they were allowed to call their family members during the course of the standoff. Read more.

By Paul Kerstein