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by Dave Gradijan

Toronto Train Sign Hit by Hacker

May 03, 20061 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Electronic advertising signs on Toronto commuter trains displayed joke messages about Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper for several days, Reuters reports on

The signs, which normally flash transit updates and advertisements, instead displayed, “Stephen Harper Eats Babies” repeatedly across some screens, and technicians on Tuesday were still trying to fix the problem, Reuters reports.

Stephanie Sorensen, corporate communications and media specialist for the GO Transit system, told Reuters that the organization believes a hacker was responsible. “We haven’t identified the person who did this, but we’re working closely with the contractor who runs the signs to fix the problem,” she said.

Sorensen told Reuters she expects the screens to remain shut off for a few more days, until technology can be installed to keep hackers out.

“We regret that it happened, and we’re sorry if anybody was offended, including the prime minister,” she told Reuters.

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Compiled by Dave Gradijan