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by Dave Gradijan

Police Raid Taiwanese Pirate DVD Factory

May 16, 20062 mins
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Police in Taiwan raided a pirate DVD and CD-R lab, arresting four people and seizing 250 optical disc burners, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) said Monday.

The May 11 raid, backed in part by the MPA as part of its “Operation Red Card” anti-piracy program, seized more than 100,000 movie discs. The police operation was the second in a week in Taiwan, following arrests in Taipei on May 6 of two men, and the confiscation of 67 DVD-R burners.

“Operation Red Card” refers to the red card issued by a referee to players ejected from a soccer match for unsportsmanlike conduct or repeated fouls.

There has been a recent upsurge in anti-piracy activity in Taiwan. Earlier in this month, police arrested a man in Taoyuan, in northern Taiwan, on suspicion he was videotaping Mission Impossible III at a local cinema.

Upon their release at cinemas in Asia and North America, newly released films are sometimes videotaped illegally, then burned onto DVDs and video CDs for sale as pirated discs. The discs can be mass-produced with multiple DVD and CD burners.

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By Steven Schwankert, IDG News Service (Beijing Bureau)