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by Dave Gradijan

Police Find Millions Related to U.K. Heist

Mar 03, 20062 mins
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Within a southeast London warehouse, UK police discovered several million pounds that are thought to be related to last week’s record-setting heist of a Securitas-owned security depot, reports.

According to CNN, the announcement was made early Friday.

After raiding the warehouse, law enforcement officials discovered a number of bags packed with cash, reports.

According to the Associated Press, the amount found in the bags is unknown but is estimated to be at least several million pounds, the world’s largest peacetime robbery, CNN reports.

A 43-year-old man was also arrested at the warehouse on suspicion of handling stolen goods in connection with last week’s robbery of more than $92 million dollars (53 million pounds) from the depot south of London, according to

On Thursday, three people were formally charged, though a number of others have been arrested and brought in for questioning.  For more detail, read Three Charged in Connection With U.K. Heist and Man, Woman Arrested in Connection to England Heist.

Earlier Friday, 24-year-old Jetmir Bucpapa, an unemployed man from Tonbridge, was ordered to be held in custody on charges of conspiracy to commit robbery until a hearing on March 13 determines what should be done with him from there, CNN reports.

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